Saturday, May 2, 2015

What is a Project You Life?

Realizing More of Our Individual Potential

A core component of a Project You Life is being involved in something bigger than yourself. This permeates and passes through all of the seven life elements. 

The reason this is a core component is that our best hopes for a better world, and a richer human experience for more people, lies in the personal development and growth of each of us.
It has been postulated that our reason for being is to give meaning to life. 

In a Project You Life sense, that meaning is to actualize more of our individual potential, then combine such higher realities into a collaborative force for humanity and the human experience, spiritual understanding and the collective spirit of the universe.
The great tragedy of the human experience is not that there are evil people in the world doing terrible and selfish things. 

Rather, the biggest tragedy is that most people live an existence that is far removed from their greatest possible intensity and passionate levels. Their lives are lived mostly to satisfy the plans and desires of others, and they commonly feel that they have insufficient control over their respective life journeys. 
The opposite of this is the leading and living of A Determined Life

A purposeful, self determined, meaningful life can be lived. 

It takes continuous self examination, introspection, a chosen path, determination, self motivation, and a willingness to accept responsibility for the outcomes resulting from your actions, thoughts and emotions. But it can be done.
And should you decide to embark upon the Project You Life Journey, rest assured that you will soon have answers to the two most intriguing questions anyone can ask you:
Are you truly alive?

What are you doing with your life? 

This article is partially excerpted from Project You: Living A Determined Life, which is available in paperback and Kindle formats at Amazon